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Organic Cold Brew Tea

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100% organic cold brew loaded with antioxidants.

Experience a cool, refreshing wave.

It all started with a first meeting in China more than 10 years ago. Not only have we been together since that day, but we have been able to innovate in the agri-food sector, and more specifically, in the ready-to-drink category. We wanted to do things differently and bring together ingredients that are at the forefront of each of our cultures. As fellow consumers, when we wanted iced tea, nothing on the market was what we were looking for other than a simple mix of water and aromas with a lot of sugar.

That is why we created BORA and are proud to say that we have kept all the benefits of our ingredients to live better and positively impact people’s daily routines. Our BORA organic cold brew tea offers you a powerful blend of real, local ingredients in every bottle.

Teas, berries, and maple syrup make a rich combination of each of our countries’ strengths where we respectively grew up. BORA is an innovative, healthy and refreshing choice that tastes great and provides a boost in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals! #drinkBORA

The Leblanc Family

Our Process

Freshness and the health benefits are in each sip

1. Ingredients

Real and organic

100% organic and certified by Écocert Canada, our ingredients are real, simple and natural. We are careful to use premium ingredients that are, as far as possible, from local producers. Combining tea leaves and berries provide many health benefits and offer exceptional antioxidant properties.

There are zero artificial flavours, colours and food additives. The flavours and colours are the results of the purity of the ingredients from their natural state.

2. Infusion

Rich in flavours and colours

The infusion process consists of a blend of BORA ingredients infused into cold water for a calculated period of time. Three berry flavours are offered with a hint of maple syrup to spice up your taste buds.
Infusion BORA high pressure processing (HPP)

3. Conservation

High pressure processing (HPP)

Advanced technology made with a high-pressure processing (HPP), the product naturally has a shelf life of 180 days at 4°C before opening. This process allows nutritional value safety and HPP preserves the flavours. After opening, it must be consumed quickly within the next four days because there are no preservatives.

Did you know that hot pasteurization deteriorates nutrients and changes flavors? That’s why we strictly use pressure instead of heat. The pressure applied with the cold pasteurization is equivalent to six times the pressure from the bottom of the sea.


Why Cold Brew Tea?

Because it’s new and exciting! Here, the leaves are not “cooked” by forcefully extracting the tea tannins. This is the case from the more traditional way of drinking hot tea which develops a stronger, bitter taste. The cold water infusion process produces a superior and sweeter taste—a perfect balance of dried fruit without added sugar and a hint of maple syrup.

Your First BORA Drink

The deposit at the bottom of the bottle is mainly composed of leaves and fruits. This is normal, and it’s only good! Of course, we did filter before bottling, but phase separation or commonly called decantation, is a known and common experience with this type of beverage.

Before opening, we suggest you mix these particles rich in antioxidants by shaking the bottle and then savour each sip!

The Polyphenol Value

The polyphenols are a family of organic molecules widely present in plants. They have a high natural antioxidant power which has beneficial effects on health.

Black Tea & Wild Blueberry
150 mg in polyphenols per bottle of 355 ml

Green Tea & Sea Buckthorn
200 mg in polyphenols per bottle of 355 ml

Rooibos & Elderberry
100 mg in polyphenols per bottle of 355 ml

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Infusion BORA organic cold brew tea flavours filled with antioxidants

Now experience a refreshing cool wave and fully enjoy this new way of experiencing an iced tea!

Jean-Philippe & Keyan

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